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Mark Pelkey

My name is Mark Pelkey. I was born and raised in South Florida through high school. After high school I left Florida for Ohio to attend college at The Ohio State University. I originally started as a Biology major for pre-dentistry, however I discovered in my time there that I needed to find my true passion. Being able to enjoy what i do everyday, and the ability to call what I would be doing "my job," was what I truly wanted.

This lead me to a favorite hobby of mine as a kid, photography. Being the camera man for my brother as he'd catch waves in from the ocean. Being the kid the relatives would hand off the camera to at family events and celebrations. Knowing that I wanted to be a photographer and follow my passion, I transferred to Columbus State. While there, I took classes in Photography, Graphic Design, and Photoshop editing techniques.

After graduating I came back home to Florida and started The Marko Photo. I took my passion for photography and combined it with my love of the ocean.

My daytime job is a product fashion photographer in Ft. Lauderdale. I have experience working in portrait and product studio environments, as well as outdoors with natural lighting.